Antelope Valley Fair Photography Entries

So I decided to actually submit a handful of my photos to the Antelope Valley Fair. I went ahead and turned in my entries just for the fun of it, just to be able to see a couple of my photos at a public event and to see how the whole process works. If it was a nice process, a nice experience, it would help me better prepare for maybe next year. I went through the registration and submission process which was pretty painless. All I really had to do was print my pictures at an adequate size, mount them onto some board and turn them in. They have a ton of categories to submit under and I tried my best to fit among a couple of them as an amateur. So I went to the Fair sunday just to check out my pictures, to see what they looked like in there and lo and behold I find a 1st Place sticker attached to one of them! I can’t say I wasn’t totally thrilled by that, because I was. My winner is a picture of an old diner sign in High-Vista, California. Both the sign and the diner have since disappeared but I’m very glad I was able to capture it before it was gone. I got a cool 1st Place banner when I picked up my pictures and I’m definitely looking forward to taking some new pictures for next year. If you’d like a wallpaper version of it, visit this site: Interfacelift

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