These People Nowadays

It’s really become a fascinating thing to see the type of society we’ve become, mainly here in the US, as people regress more and more everyday. Can you imagine, 30-40 years ago, looking at your parents and seeing them behave the way adults do nowadays? Parents were hard working people back then with their only concern being the ability to put food on the table and keeping the house around said table, stable and presentable. Look at your grandparents now and even your parents and imagine them posting selfies, talking about every drink or meal they’ve had during a given day, or throwing a fit because they saw someone wearing or saying something inappropriate. Fact is, adults were adults back then and they didn’t concern themselves with others and they definitely didn’t share every aspect of their lives with others. They actually respected and treasured their privacy because obviously nobody needed to know what was going on behind closed doors and behind closed hearts and minds. They didn’t whine and complain because it was monday, they didn’t publicly lambaste someone else because they took the last donut, they just acted like responsible adults, period. Here’s what I’ve noticed happening in society as more and more adults choose to act like children and as society slowly erodes away everything that makes people responsible for their actions and responsible period. With the advent of social networking, the propagation of prescription drugs, the lack of intellect and responsibility, and the want to have everything handed to you, here’s what I’ve noticed happening:


God’s Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris Tomlin)

We live in such a corrupt world, a world where adults don’t even know how to behave as such, where we embrace darkness instead of spreading light and this is why it’s so refreshing to see a multitude of 18-25 year olds with such enthusiasm as the Passion conferences create. Our society is slowly de-evolving, with no moral code to speak of, where people can’t have beliefs because they don’t fit with the nihilistic approach that society wants to ingrain into everyone BUT this is where the future lies right here. Something as simple as this shows me that we’re building up a generation not content with having to agree with what socialism says and definitely ready to tear down walls in the name of Jesus Christ. Enjoy!

The Kings Are Champions Once Again!


The Los Angeles Kings battled, struggled, fought back and grinded their way to another Stanley Cup championship. Coming in as the 6th seed they took on the San Jose Sharks and after falling down 3 games to none, they swept them 4 straight to move on against the #1 team in the West, the Anaheim Ducks. This see-saw affair went 7 tough games and the Kings came out on top. They then took on the defending champions, the Chicago Blackhawks and again, a grueling 7 game series was won by the resilient Kings. The final was a lot simpler, where they took a 3 games to 0 lead and held on in double overtime in game 5 to win the Series 4-1. Fantastic run by the Kings who were 7 and 0 in elimination games the entire Stanley Cup playoffs.